a scrapbook page to celebrate your child\'s first haircut

by:SANDAO     2020-03-18
Here\'s a good idea to make a special \"first haircut\" scrapbook page.
Between about 12 and 18 months, boys and girls may have their hair cut for the first time.
You may have seen that there are many hair salons for children that offer special offers for their first visit.
They have a special chair, take pictures, and even video. -
You then take photos or videos along with a lock hair as a souvenir.
So why not create a scrap page to celebrate this event in a special way!
Here are some tips for a new angle to the page.
Of course, these ideas can be re-developed.
Work for a variety of different children\'s scrapbook projects.
Use homemade paper as a unique background and try to use homemade paper.
You can make your own custom paper with any color and texture you want.
It takes a little time and effort.
Or try to make a cardstock.
After a few minutes, knead the paper in a ball and then iron it.
This will be very close to the appearance of homemade paper.
Stained paper napkins can add colorful colors to your child\'s \"first haircut\" scrapbook page.
Paint paper towels in various shapes, punch or tear them into various shapes.
The paper towel is then completely covered with a colored pencil and a wet brush.
Now dip the coated paper towel into a mixture of scrapbook glue and water and place it on a white card --stock.
Let the pieces dry completely.
Use a dry colored paper towel as a background, border, or gorgeous ornament.
BeadingBeads is another way to add color and design to the page.
The beads can be as simple as sticking a few beads to the scrapbook page, or as complex as the sewn bead design.
When arranged in abstract mode, they can create a child-like effect --
Or place them carefully to make interesting titles or art designs. Beads, micro-
Two beads and necklaces-
Adhesive tape or Xyron.
If you have a child\'s hair, why not put it in your pocket?
Pockets allow you to take out and put back items as you like and replace them without damaging the scrapbook page.
The simplest pocket is an envelope.
But pockets can also be made quickly and easily by folding a piece of paper into half and then gluing three sides.
Pockets can also be made of fabric sewn together.
In this way, the pocket can be almost any texture, color and weave to suit your needs.
There are so many events in the child\'s life that you can celebrate with your scrapbook.
From first haircuts to birthday parties, holidays and school celebrations, you can use your scrapbook expertise to keep memories of the years ahead.
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