A cosmetic dentist can aid in improving one's

by:SANDAO     2020-06-11
The Technique of Smiling Most people are not aware that there is a general technique through which most people conform to when it comes to smiling. For instance, it is quite common that when an individual smiles the lower teeth often remain hidden below the lip. The upper teeth, on the other hand are at times fully revealed. However, when talking, it is often the reverse situation. In both cases, there are certain aspects that may define the overall appearance of the smile. These are the color and alignment of the teeth, as well as the teeth spacing and regularity. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the common procedures that will help improve and in most cases eliminate any smile imperfections are veneers, bonding, whitening, as well as smile design, and crowns. Veneers and Bonding The placing of porcelain veneers on the teeth can be an indirect or direct process. In either case, veneers are coverings added to the front part of the tooth. In most situations, the cosmetic surgeon may place the veneers on the teeth that can be seen when one is talking or laughing. In some cases, porcelain veneers may be used if one desires an undetectable match with the teeth. With the direct process, a composite adhesive is applied to hold the veneer in place. This process is often referred to as bonding. The indirect process is more technical and requires two dental visits. Cosmetic dentistry practices require that the veneer be initially fabricated in the dental lab. Thus, this part of the process requires that fabrication measurements be taken. The second step involves the actual fitting of the veneers. Whether through the indirect or direct process, veneers certainly help one's teeth and smile look more appealing. Whitening Tooth whitening is one of the most popular smile improvement techniques practiced in cosmetic dentistry today. This is because it aids in making one's teeth look whiter and brighter. Moreover, it is popular due to its overall cost-effectiveness and painlessness. There are two main forms of tooth bleaching widely practiced in cosmetic dentistry. These are tray whitening and in-office whitening. In-office whitening is used if one wants to see immediate results. Tray whitening, on the other hand, is more of a do-it-yourself option for individuals who would like to whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own home. Crowns Crown and bridges are used hand in hand to correct problems relating to spacing and decay of teeth. Crowns are used to halt decay, as well as protect the tooth. Bridges on the other hand are used to fill in the gaps between teeth. These two options go a long way to making a beautiful smile.
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