Model number
20g/ bottles or 1000g/ bottles
Main characteristic
Medium viscosity, high adhesive strength
Main application
It is suitable for leather ,wood, electronics, metals, plastics, rubber, toys, silicone, TPU,TPE, ABS etc.
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Product Comparison
ms adhesive is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high. ms adhesive's outstanding advantages are as follows.
Company Advantages
1. The inspections of SANDAO are strictly conducted. These inspections cover performance check, size measurement, material & color check, adhesive check on the logo, and hole, components check.
2. The product has a long service life. Its fully shielded design helps to avoid leakage problems and thus better protects its components from damage.
3. Easy re-process function is one of the advantages that our customers like. They can add printed logos or images using different methods on the product.
4. The product is specially designed to help people save money, time, and energy. There is no doubt that it can definitely help cut electricity bills.

our product


SD103 Cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue)      

General purpose glue, medium viscosity, high adhesive strength, excellent comprehensive performance.



  • ◪   General purpose glue, medium viscosity, high adhesive strength, excellent comprehensive performance.




It is suitable for leather ,wood, electronics, metals, plastics, rubber, toys, silicone, TPU,TPE, ABS etc.


Leather bonding


Metal bonding


Plastic bonding


Furniture bonding


Rubber bonding


Silica gel bonding

product Performance


Before curing 
After curing
Shear strength(Mpa)>24
Temperature range(℃)-55~83
Curing time (s)15
Maximum filling gap (mm)0.1

Product details

SD103 Cyanoacrylate adhesive

General purpose glue, medium viscosity, high adhesive strength, excellent comprehensive performance.


It is suitable for leather ,wood, electronics, metals, plastics, rubber, toys, silicone, TPU,TPE, ABS etc.

Green environmental protection
Low odor, no pollution.
This product is packaged in plastic with 20g/ bottles or 1000g/ bottles;

Use instructions


  • Using process:

  • 1) Use a dry cloth or abrasive paper to remove surface dust, oil agent, steel embroidery, then wipe and clean with acetone or trichloroethylene.

  • 2) Open the front cover, flick tip by finger, make no residual liquid, and then poke open by using needle. 

  • 3) Drop a little glue to the surface, adhesive immediately and keep to hardening, curing time is few seconds to few minutes; reach the practical strength within 30mins,  strength, reach the highest strength within 1-2 hours; 

  • 4) After use, wipe the tip, cover the lid. 


  • 1.   The vapour of this glue will hurt eyes.

  • 2.   If hand touched, wash clean by using soap, water, pumice, otherwise it can curing in hand after a while, it will recede after a few days.

  • 3.   Avoid contact of eyes and skin. Wash immediately with water and consult a doctor immediately in case of accident.

Packaging and preservation


This product is packaged in plastic with 20g/ bottles or 1000g/ bottles.

 The product should be stored in dry shade place (below 25 ℃).

The shelf time is 6 month. 

Company Features
1. Over the years, Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd has been increasingly stronger and more well-known in the industry of .
2. Occupies a large floor area, our factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and normative production lines which can guarantee continuous and stable productivity.
3. We aim to contribute to building a sound and sustainable environment. We'll work with communities to minimize the impact on the environment during our production and other business activities. Our business model is simple: build a team that dedicates their professional lives to serving the unique needs of manufacturers. Our mission is to maintain high-quality design standards and business ethics with improved production time and time to market (TTM).

Urea formaldehyde moulding compound


Product Name: UMC

CAS No: 9011-05-6

MF: C3H8N2O3


Detailed Description:




In accordance with the standard

Volatile %


Fluidity Strengthen


Flexural Strength(MPa) ≥


Impact strength (With gap) KJ/m2


Temperature of hot distortion ≥


Insulation resistance , ≥


Dielectric Strength(90C)MV/m ≥ 7.0




Water absorbancemg








Product Description


1. Low toxicity, low moisture content
2. Better solubility
3. Good leveling performance
4. High boiling point and long distilling range
5. Accelerate improving flexibility and adhesive force.
6. Improve pigment covering performance in some industrial dope
7. Good stability
8. Clean burning steam and high combustion heat value
Main use: 
This product is widely used in roller steel dope, roasting paint, auto dope, resin industry and others. in addition, it can be used as mundificant, paint remover and others.
Quality standard(implement standardQ/CYLH001-2007)

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Ester Content %99.0 min
Dimethyl Glutarate %55-65
Dimethyl Succinate %15-25
Dimethyl Adipate %10-25
Moisture %0.1 max
Acid Value (mg KOH /g)0.2 max
Color (APHA)15 max
Density (20℃ g/ml) 1.076-1.096
Distillation Range ℃195-230
In order to achieve better water purification effect, SANDAO is carefully developed. The R&D members gradually optimize the filter systems, including pre-filters, mid-filters, and post-filters. Its heavy-duty design makes it strongly withstand extreme temperature variations
SANDAO is created by the R&D departments. The researchers have spent much time in finding out different effective ways to achieve better dirt and contaminant elimination. Its modular design makes the replacement for parts easier
The quality of SANDAO can be guaranteed by its hygienic license issued by the Health Supervision Department. Both its physical and chemical filtration systems are in line with the standards required in the pure drinking water. The components of this product can be disassembled with little effort
SANDAO is designed with a smart and compact structure which guarantees the mass flow, stable hydraulic pressure, and straight-flow immediate processing. This product enables operators to work more relaxingly
During the production of SANDAO , both physical filters such as activated carbon and chemical filters such as sterilizing agent are used in the filter system. Its operating noise has been reduced as possible
After many tests and modifications, the product finally achieved the best quality. Easy to care for, this product helps save maintenance costs for factory owners
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