Main products: RTV silicone sealant, thermal conductive grease, MS adhesive, epoxy resin AB glue, anaerobic, UV adhesive, etc.

Best seller items:  

SD906 general purpose RTV silicone sealant,applied to household appliance,electronic components,plastic etc.

SD916R thermal conductive silicone gel which is widely use on PCB,LED,electronics components,power supplies. 

SD920 heat conductive silicone grease with thermal conductivity 2.0. Mainly used on CPU for heat sink.   

SD838 MS nail-free adhesive,application is concrete walls,wood panels,ceramic products,metals,stone etc.

SD805 epoxy resin AB glue with fast curing 5 mins,bonding ceramic,metal,wood.  

SD277 and SD243 Anaerobic thread locker.  SD3813 UV glue for glass and metal.  SD401A super glue.

  • Thermal conductivity tester
    Thermal conductivity tester
  • Low temperature
    Low temperature
  • Planetary machine
    Planetary machine
  • Machine
  • Milk yellow test machine
    Milk yellow test machine
  • Pressure tester
    Pressure tester
  • Vacuum machine
    Vacuum machine
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